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So you have found a rental property, what comes next?

By Scott Nowak

We get lots of people asking what the next steps are once you have found a property that you are interested in renting, so below is a step by step timeline of what to do next.

–       Before applying to rent a property you should always first view it, that way you can make sure all the rooms are big enough and that there is no stand out maintenance issues you will soon be living with.

–      Once you have viewed a property you are happy with you will now need to fill out an application form, this then allows the agent/landlord to do relevant reference checks.

–      Your application form should be read thoroughly and completed with as much detail as you can provide. The more information you provide on your application form the easier it is for your reference checks to be done and the quicker an answer can be given.

–      You have now been accepted for the property, you will need to sign a Residential Tenancy Agreement to make it official. Your new property manager/landlord will arrange a time to sit down with you and go through all the paperwork, this may be the day the lease starts or beforehand depending on when the property is available.

–      You will need to arrange for your utilities (Electricity, Gas, Phone, etc) to be connected at the property. If you are renting in a Strata or Community group you may need to check with your Property Manager/Landlord where the mains switches are located as these are often in a communal area and not on the property itself.

–      Before you can be given the keys you will need to make your first rent payment and pay your bond. The bond will either be 4 weeks rent if the rent is under $250.00 per week or 6 weeks rent if the rent is above $250.00 per week.

–      Once you have received the keys you will need to go to the property and fill out your section of the ingoing inspection report. This is a report on the condition of the property at the start of the tenancy and is how the property will need to be left once vacated. It is a good idea to also take some photos for reference.

–      You are now all settled into your new home, a first routine inspection will be done after 4-6 weeks and then you can expect regular inspections every 2-3 months after.

If you have any questions at any stage please make sure to ask your Property Manager/Landlord for clarification as starting out on the right foot is key to building a good working relationship.

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