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Property management

Our service, your investment

Choosing to have your property professionally managed is a big commitment. Whether it’s your first property, the family home or part of a growing investment portfolio, we know how important it is for you to know your asset is being looked after to the highest standard.

Providing an exceptional level of customer service in property management makes us stand out from the crowd. We understand what it takes to create and maintain a successful property investment and can help you make it a rewarding and stress free experience.

To us, property management is more than just collecting rent, we help you create wealth. And rather than simply manage your property, we manage your investment and maximise the potential of your property portfolio.

There are many steps involved in your future journey as a landlord with us. Our goal is to ensure you have full transparency around what happens throughout this experience and when it occurs. Clear communication and setting the right expectations is a key element to our successful relationship, so we encourage you to ask questions and let us know if there is anything you’re unsure of, it is a long and varied journey for each investor and as such, we will continue to educate you at each step along the way;

Investment management

We know that no two investments are the same and our management style reflects this. We manage your investment as if it were our own.


We are proud property management industry experts and professionals. It is our job to make sure you understand your obligations as a landlord and we don’t simply act as the message bearers or middle men – we are educators and asset managers.

Wealth creation

This investment may be a business for you or an emotional investment that holds a lot of sentiment. Regardless as to why you have invested, it is our role to maximise wealth creation by generating high rent returns, minimising vacancy periods and spending money wisely and when needed.

Tenant experience

We also know that without tenants, the investment cycle does not exist. Whilst we work for you as our client, the tenant experience is at our forefront. Happier tenants are more likely to stay long term, which increases the success of your investment strategy.

Protecting your investment.
Legislation & compliance

Over the last few years, the Federal and State Government have introduced legislation into our industry that require landlords and tenants to comply with statutory laws. This is an ever changing landscape and as such, we must ensure that you remain compliant and your tenants remain safe. We have licensed tradespeople to undertake, monitor and service important arears such as smoke alarm compliance and pool/spa safety. Click here for more information.

Tenant selection and zero tolerance

We are the competition creators – driving strong marketing campaigns between tenancies drives higher prices and more tenants. When using Ray White technology, we process every single application that is submitted for your property. This translates to better tenant selection and higher standards.

We also adopt a zero tolerance policy to all facets of property management. We continuously keep on top of rent & water arrears, ensure that poor inspections are followed up & remedied and open, positive communication is key for all parties. We educate our tenants on our standards and they are aware of this from the get-go.


Having insurance on your property is not only a requirement for us to manage your property, but also essential to help protect you from risk. No matter how strict the tenant screening processes are, there’s never a guarantee that things can’t go wrong. This is where landlord and building insurances come in. Any malicious or accidental damage is communicated to owners immediately.

Repairs & Maintenance

Providing ongoing care and maintenance to a property is in everyone’s best interest. If a property is kept in good condition then it is simply a matter of maintaining and refurbishing. Once it falls into disrepair then it can be much more costly to bring back to life. Our team will act quickly and proactively to protect and maintain your investment

What is most important to you?

Every investor has different investment strategies and reasons for investing – we like to understand this scope so we can achieve the best result and work towards this with you. Have a read of these questions below which can help you down the right path;

  • How did this property become part of your investment portfolio?
  • What are the two key elements of property management that are important to you?
  • What is your investment strategy for this particular property?
  • Do you have any intentions to grow your investment portfolio in the future?

Talk to our business development manager to help you in the right direction with your investment needs.

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